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Building city from act boldly and with confidence go up to be brave in to fall "

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The layer asks " dares to depreciate, be brave in to depreciate the card of " opened boiler in the blast on the net. Although 10 thousand divisions state this fabricates " for " netizen, but 8 buildings that its are in Shanghai dish be equivalent to 8 those who fold sales promotion acts mid-autumn, it seems that confirm the view on the net.

Of afford for thought is, when the Wang Shi at the beginning of this year casts a " of " inflection point to talk, still cause the PK of industry, liao Liao of the person that answer. This, it is 10 thousand divisions not just, guangzhou is other the follow-up after much home mainstream develops business confused dispute to fear first, hit folding length to spend to compare a firm: Rich force 8.8 fold, accrete 8.8 fold, heng Dazhi is received even if 7.6 fold, still have many buildings dish flat with " of " cutting sb in two at the waist (5 fold) valence expresses sincerity... reporter of city of a lot of buildings has to this be like the feeling that ever was acquainted, just, this moment a year ago, direction is polarity: A " of building city goes up in those days " sound, development business price breaks away from demand completely main area, those who lean is courage only, "The person has many bold, valence has much more exalted " .

Bubble always has a undone day. Change according to national hair appoint, newest findings report shows national statistic bureau, august, room of skill of Shenzhen, Guangzhou is gotten drop the whole nation 70 big in city. Among them, price of Guangzhou skill house drops compared to the same period 3.3% , achieve the biggest this year drop. The personage inside course of study points out, next month of " gold "9, drop can have only add without decrease.

   Trend judgement:

One " drops " decides success or failure finally after all

"National Day Guangzhou will have 24 thousand new money to enter city, whether does new money price accord with tendency of the market, matter to the success or failure of the sale directly. "Add up to Li Wenjiang of rich brilliant and chief analyst to think, show level to fix a price to whether reach the designated position, those who point to is " drops whether does " price reach the designated position, the determination that leads a layer is very important. 10 thousand divisions are aureate the Kang Yuan, immense forest that protect benefit is two " decide definitely, sell the example that gets fast " . The immense forest that protect benefit is latest issue of product value is one-time go to 8000 yuan surely / the level of square metre, returned the price 2006, sell one sky very quickly. "Our view falls after all, "Li Wenjiang points out, early days strengthens market research, understand all round dish how to sell, move with a bit low price, after making resounding open quotation effect, the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in the heart, walk along " again low the course that leaves to walk along " high, often can obtain a success.

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