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Big rub lightning suddenly turn hostile is sung decline Chinese building city by

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"The likelihood breaks down " , to change of manner of outback house property, big rub this suddenly turn hostile is not worth 10 days of time.

"Chinese building city is put in bubble far from. " the research that chief economist king celebrates area of big to Magenshidanli China, people still remain fresh in one's memory. On September 2, wang Qing makes afore-mentioned research report.

Wang Qing's explanation is: Building value is relative domestic income, from glide since 1997 remarkable. On the whole, the building buys ability from the level that stability is in since 2003, the average price of the building was not compared more expensive 5 years before, because the growth of price of average incremental ratio of domestic income is rapidder.

"Magenshidanli values Chinese estate market for a long time. " on September 10, sun Wei of Chinese area CEO is in Magenshidanli when Shanghai attends an activity, express likewise. Sun Wei emphasizes, although city of current inland building is immersed in depression gradually, but the business that Magenshidanli still can continue to strengthen this respect. Have report, big rub still take out the plan 1.5 billion dollar long term city of building of strategic investment inland.

On September 12, magenshidanli released newest research to report. What differ with before a few is, the report is high-key sing city of empty inland building.

Study the report points out, check through imitate, the conclusion that reach is, house price will drop, clinch a deal the quantity will glide. The report emphasizes, as China price of main city house property begins to drop, whole of industry of ground of near future happening " break down " possibility is increasing.

Between 10 climate, big rub lightning suddenly turn hostile, "Slippery iron Lu " the real report that the backside that type transforms is internally real estate prices, still serve as cast is travel big rub additional purposeful?

Have conspire additionally?

Magenshidanli studies the report is medium this, "Break down " the definition is " sale price and clinch a deal the capacity appears to drop considerably at the same time " . This be related has shown clue since this year really.

The data that statistical bureau announces the country shows China to come from July 2007 in July 2008, china is business average price shows room and dweller housing odd digit rises. However house property trades dealer shows house price however already from the beginning of the year the most exalted fall after a rise, trade the quantity is apparently atrophic also.

Final fort Shanghai also by breach. National hair changes appoint 70 when announce big in data of urban house price shows, shanghai house price rises compared to the same period already 8.7% from June, glide 7.5% July, annulus comparing also appeared since last year drop first.

The data that headquarters of Central Bank Shanghai released a few days ago also mirrors: Shanghai is medium August endowment loan of housing of commercial bank individual increased 290 million yuan only, increased 2.51 billion yuan lesser than July. Accordingly, what building city appears is " price falls the quantity shrinks " condition.

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