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Room look forward to is short of money time money of sad foreign capital obtains

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Basically be medium inside the residential market of end meets those who have certain level to drop, look now the fluctuant float of the commercial real estate such as villa and office building is bigger also, it is quite big that this round of adjustment extent returns domestic estate market. " Liu Huanzhang thinks.

In the backside of this word, it is 10 thousand divisions hit in Hangzhou at the beginning of September " 7 fold " depreciate the sale is politic, and all along strong a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, villatic price also has become loose, constant earth is produced in the whole nation 13 cities also were rolled out on September 9 " protect this reduction sale " depreciate politic, there is no lack of a few villatic projects.

"Do not cross price fall, also invested building the Chinese system of weights and measures to build very good opportunity to fund. " Liu Huanzhang tells a reporter, now invite public bidding of each district government or the plot that hang out one's shingle, prevailing prices drops to peak period 7 fold, it is the main chance that buys a project, the RMB fund portion of this company, be in since this year bought plot respect to had had substantial movement. Suffer the influence of insecurity of catenary of capital of domestic house look forward to, the statistical data that monitors a center according to price of whole nation of subordinate of ministry of land natural resources shows, this year first half of the year, countrywide shedding mark, 10% what shed the land that pat to achieve gross of sell one's own things.

The Chinese division president of a fund of American tells a reporter, the attention of this fund is 23 lines city mainly since this year, "The rigid demand of 23 lines city is bigger, building city is adjusted certainly in the course hind, still have this year rise space, intervene a few medium or small but the high grade item of capital catenary insecurity is more likely. Intervene a few medium or small but the high grade item of capital catenary insecurity is more likely..

An estate of Shanghai invests the investment manager of the group to express, this year the investment key of this company, besides residential market, adjust in city of this round of room in, what still pay close attention to is industrial real estate and the project with landed commerce, this category purpose adjusts extent not quite, and develop foreground better.

The message says, magenshidanli is going against collect of city whole world the estate fund of 10 billion dollar, among them about 1.5 billion dollar will flow to Chinese market, and Hei Shi just also finished the estate fund collect that exceeds 10 billion dollar first half of the year, be in China everywhere activity.

Does the forehead spend control?

Although the opportunity is inviting, the Chinese division general manager that fund narrates before passing tells a reporter, besides an investment of second half of the year was obtained last year outside outside be in charge of bureau approval, a few projects that this fund takes a fancy to this year because outside tubal bureau did not obtain approval and abandon. Evidence shows, since this year, the strength outside the bounds of real-estate industry is being strengthened.

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