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Grey act of Shenzhen building city produces intermediary heavily together the ba

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0 encash elephant, the reporter visits much home intermediary to understand, be eager to the room source of undersell now, it is owner mostly there is much flatlet in the hand, because offer a building to press muscularity, need what month of other still house offers to vacate cash.

Mr Chen of course of study of the buy that enrol business tells a reporter, in the owner hand that their intermediary acts as agent say less to also have 35 flatlet, what intermediary acts as agent now is secondhand the room basically is to invest a guest to be eager to making over.

"Some clients want us first band they are promoted, even if be deficit very big, want somebody to receive only dish, the value is good discuss. "Mr Chen says they can receive the phone of urgent carry out of owner every day.

Invest guest plum gentleman to tell a reporter, the guest ruptures because of capital catenary and ceaselessly investment topples, but the person that there is many house in the hand, commonly the Id that takes kin friend does, but under they must the agreement makes over him to fry a room to encircle the person inside, and receive dish is high investment objective mostly, there is sufficient financing to prop up in the hand. And in small family the house also does not need to be put to market to sell, fang Qun interior was fried to melt away with respect to disappear in them.

In Jiang Fuqing of vice-president of couplet real estate expresses to the reporter, owner is eager to covering show and of undersell, do not eliminate to be able to appear to evaluate the circumstance that valence sells this kind of low sells under the bank, also do not eliminate to have individual employee and individual bank collaboration.

Reporter in order to buy a room person when the identity visits much home intermediary, got a same information. "If you want to buy a room to do 0 to pay, give directly it is OK that we go doing. "The director of a client that installs base to produce says to the reporter, this industry is so operation. The reporter suspects whether when the operation is successful, this client director says very self-confidently: "We have acquaintance in the bank, how to cooperate otherwise. How to cooperate otherwise..

   "" of contract of yin and yang becomes superintendency blank

In auspicious of cloth of couplet real estate Mr Li says a selling manager, there is the house that covers 86 square metres around garden of cloth auspicious sweet-scented osmanthus, the bank evaluates valence is 400 thousand, loan is most probably 320 thousand, but owner make a price has 300 thousand only, all valence is less than 3000 yuan / square metre, can accomplish 0 completely to pay so. This is the house that owner buys by 2006, purchase price has 245 thousand only, highest last year peak sells 7000 yuan / square metre, but although exceed low to sell now, owner still is not in an unfavorable situation.

The bank that promote course of study borrow ministry of retail trade Wu Wen Shiliang of vise general manager expresses to the reporter, 0 pay very big to bank risk, he feels the bank won't take a risk, "Accomplish very hard evaluate valence prep above real value, the bank is evaluated now have two link, and evaluating a company also is will appoint " by the bank.

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