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The building devalues overturn dominoes building city to play turn American econ

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Heavy, share price of company of Lei Man's brother already dropped inside a year nearly 95 % .

On September 16, in American thunder graceful brother company announces to go bankrupt, after company of United States forest is bought the following day, TV station of place of much home United States broadcasted such a advertisement: It is to diffusing above all the news picture of pessimistic atmosphere, financial tycoon goes bankrupt, employee disband... a variety of predicament that offscreen voice begins to list American economy to be faced with at present: "Wall street is immersed in a disorder, we lost opportunity of 605 thousand jobs this year, because still do not rise to borrow money and lose a building,still have 9800 much people everyday... and what did Mai Kaien of candidate of republic party president say? The switch on picture horse arrives before today the Mai Kaien comment to financial disturbance: "Economic base of the United States is powerful. " two words hit clearly below the setting that catchs black: "If Mai Kaien does not know our economy has encountered the crisis, how can you save it again? How can you save it again??

The insolvency in advertisement before the picture happens in two days in the evening: Compare with ferial photograph, new York Manhadudi the gate of headquarters of company of Lei Man's brother on 7 highways appears a little peculiar. The segregation column that the entrance is installed by the police is surrounded, the bosom paper box, employee that pulling baggage is walked out of ceaselessly in the company, their expression is bleak, the query that disregards each media reporter leaves hurriedly.

Inside a week before this, the share price of Lei Man's brother that regards the United States as bank of the 4th large investment steeps fall 77 % . Because involve second borrow deficit serious, company share price already dropped inside a year nearly 95 % . And the nightmare of wall street is more than still hereat, the 3rd large investment of American that having 123 years of histories the bank is beautiful forest negotiable securities, also sell the United States the bank the price with 50 billion dollar at announcing that evening. Morrow before dawn at 1 o'clock, so-called the Lei Man's brother that has 158 years of histories announces to apply for to go bankrupt protection, this is scale of American throughout history is the largest go bankrupt application case.

The bank of two large investment when wall street encounters between one night " evaporate " , dow Jones of new York stock market 30 kinds of industry are average exponential mad have diarrhoea after many bits 500, american is not willing to accept somebody to use apparently " powerful " this word will evaluate current economic atmosphere. Colliding with popular wishes is the big fear in entering into an election contest, mai Kaien enters into an election contest a group of people of same interest adjusts strategy hurriedly, clear to media say, the true means of presidential candidate: "American economy front faces the crisis. "American economy front faces the crisis..

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