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Magenshidanli in a large-scale city of building of Shanghai of evacuate Hong Kon

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One high-rise, round-the-world banking center.

Hong Kong article reports a report, big rub Lou Gang of analyst of department of Chinese stock research is in middle finger of a report goes out, chinese estate market is put in the possibility that break down. According to " Guangzhou daily " say, this conclusion is based on " the market goes soft, china develops business to will be faced with solvency crisis, meet thereby the asset of disaster and loan bank is indebted state " and reach.

As we have learned, big rub the 3rd building that its still buy to be in Shanghai of purpose before this, but overrule concerned plan again later. Additional, still should decide to continue to invest hold no longer all right the center of Shanghai round-the-world banking of 9% share; These are the best prooves with this internally building town fatigued and weak hope.

This big rub the project that plans to sell in Shanghai includes large building of new scope of operation, and boarding house of world of bright and beautiful Lin and park of luxuriant travel century. It is reported, overseas investor also sells other respectively respective landed asset. MacquarieLtd. With HKRInternationalLtd. Appear on the market respective Shanghai residence project sell.

Last year the end of the year, tall Cheng Ji is round with sale price of 150 million dollar, the office building that sells its are purchased in Shanghai at spending 107.6 million dollar 2005 vacates an edifice high. Analytic personage thinks, astute foreign investor is borrowing market stain to sell a building to cover now.

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